Non-metal fracture fixation technology.

Surgeons have been using metal for internal trauma fixation for decades, with generally good outcomes. However, complications related to non-unions, delayed unions and implant failure continue to be a challenge3 – especially for higher risk patients.

Now there is a material with greater fatigue life that may extend the time before implant failure and increase the potential for healing.2

PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced combines our high performance polymer with multiple layers of strength for tailored stiffness and more flexible fixation. Compared to metal plates, PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced polymer provides:

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UK Olympic sprinter James Ellington partners with Invibio and CarboFix Orthopedics

James Ellington fights to get back on track with a new fracture healing technology after being severely injured in a motorbike accident earlier this year and inspires fellow patients with his passion for progress.

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Improved material fatigue life. 1

Plates containing PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced polymer may have a 50x greater fatigue life than equivalent metal plates 1, providing an increased window of opportunity for healing to occur before fatigue-induced implant failure could occur.

Potential for increased callus formation.2

Callus observed at 4 and 12 weeks following implantation of IM nails made with PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced polymer within an ovine tibial osteotomy model.2

Results of pre-clinical testing demonstrated earlier and greater callus formation with implants made of PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced throughout the 12 week study period - particularly within the initial 6 week period.

Compared to equivalent metallic constructs, sheep that received PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced implants showed 150% more callus at two weeks.2

Gain insight during reduction and throughout the healing process.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Joshua Niemann

In addition to improved material fatigue, implants composed of PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced polymer are radiolucent, offering circumferential visibility of the fracture site before and after the procedure.

See what surgeons are saying about this new option for treating challenging fracture patients.

"If you’re looking for the ideal implant to get fracture healing, you want something that’s durable, that’s going have...more cycles to fatigue. You want something that’s close to normal cortical bone, modulus of elasticity-wise, to get most ideal or biologic type fixation."

Joshua J. Niemann
Dickson-Dively Orthopedic Group, Kansas City, Missouri

Invibio – the worldwide innovator in implantable PEEK biomaterials.

Invibio has over 15 years experience in the medical device industry and PEEK-OPTIMA has been used in approximately 9 million implanted devices worldwide.5

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